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The response to The Shift has been overwhelming, and Hay House wishes to thank everyone for watching and submitting your thoughts! Below you will find inspirational reviews of Dr. Dyer’s movie debut.

You asked in Excuses Begone whether we think you are too old to act?! You were superb, brilliant, as always. You are my hero and I listen to your CD recordings every single day!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. - JennyE.
I am so grateful to Dr. Dyer for touching my life. This year, I have followed and seen a lot of his work, and had the pleasure and honor of attending a conference where I saw him speak! It was amazing. In his weekly radio show I noticed that he would ask every caller if they had seen The Shift - and, he would let them all know that they would be receiving a free copy of the movie for being on the air. One day, I said to myself, "I want to watch this movie!" So, I went online and purchased it.... I was amazed. I loved the stories, I loved hearing Dr. Dyer speaking and watching him be himself, I loved the scenery and the location. I loved the messages, I loved ... everything! I was so touched, that I started to cry uncontrollably and actually had to pause the movie for a few moments until I regained my composure. I realized that my heart had a profound healing. This occured during the scene with the homeless man - When he asked many times if the man had money. Then the last time, he gave him back the pennies that the homeless man gave to HIM! WOW!! Amazing. Thank you, Dr. Dyer. Thank you for the service you provide. Thank you for touching my life and showing me, through your own work and inspiration, how to allow life to flow through me and to be and love myself exactly as I am. - AnnW.
When I first saw this movie, it was with a group through Spiritual Cinema. I was absolutely stunned. I was on a high the rest of the week! I checked out the movie so a friend could come over and watch it. My huband saw the end when he came home after work. Now he wants to watch it. I must buy this movie! I just absolutely want to share it with everybody and watch it over and over! I want to watch it so I can stop it where I want and make notes to refer to for future. It also brought back so many wonderful memories of when I went to Asylomar with my Science of MInd Church. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! Thank you for making it available for purchase! - Barbara E.
Thanks for this absolutely amazing and extremely energizing movie! I just watched it and I feel the energy going through all my veins, all my cells. I feel like I'm on my wave... Thanks a lot Wayne and your whole team! God bless you! - TomB.
This movie needs to be required watching for everyone. My only issue is something that stems from a personal issue. It's not the movie itself! The movie is brilliant. My problem is believing the husband's attitudes. They change so quickly that I dont believe them. It's nice to have everything end so happy, and I hope for some people it will happen. But in my experience, when one partner changes, the other one hates change so much they do not come around. So, This movie will help me heal old wounds and will help me start my personal Shift to stop ego. And for that, I thank you so very much! God Bless you! - MichelleH.
What a fabulous movie. I saw all kinds of people in my own life play the characters including myself. I am in a major shift and have had a great life of accomplishment but reserved my personal goals for spiritual striving and have reached 56 without any stuff. but man do I have experience. A resume with way too much stuff.... Funny though that I had to have a stroke in 2001, [miracle that no damage other than, woke me up], then lose my job and divorce the whole enchilada to find myself right back on a path that I was on at the age of 28 when ambition took over. Funny how this film hit me. Powerfully accurate and I have the scientific data to prove Dr. Dyers ideas. Thanks for producing such a wonderful work of truth. - CiscoD.
This is the best movie I have ever known, I could feel the love of Dr Wayne Dyer so much it made me cry, What a blessing to have you here and in the spirit world too. Thank you so much! - ElizabethR.
I loved this movie ordered it on Friday and Saw it on Tuesday. I think it was amazing and I so wish I could go to a place like that! Thank you so much it was inspiring for me, My mom and little boy of 11 said it was a touching movie . We talked about it and I know this will help his developement when growing up and being faced with situations with his own family! I love it ,love it, love it! - JosieM.
I was inspired by your film, the Shift. The cinematography is so beautiful that it leaves one "in the moment" visually. I am studying with a CIM group and so I know that the ego is not who we are. Thanks for sharing who you really are. - BarbaraB.
After reading the book, The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning, this movie puts it all into perspective in a very real way. Letting the ego go and embracing the authentic self is a new world full of magic and adventure; an end to boredom and nonsense. Thank you Dr. Dyer for assisting me to see you. To see you and all others in a new and very interesting way. I feel relief and a sense of anticipation for what is next, or now. This is fun. - ME
I really enjoyed this movie, the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer is amazing. I have read many books and watched many cd / dvd programs of Dr. Dyer, this one in particular is outstanding. I have found it easy to understand and apply to myself. I am going to tell other people that this is a must see movie to watch. Not just watch it once, but again and again..... - AG
The Shift, book and film, read and watch them, is the best thing I have done along these days. I have seen the film several times (and much more next times!), by my own, with my children. It is a wonderful and simple way to help to the awareness. Thank you very much for all of you, Dr. Dyer, Director, Actors, and the rest of the film team. Happy and peacefull kisses for all of you! - GloriaC.
I lost my husband in September to cancer. He was an absolute miracle, having recovered from many more difficulties than most due to ptsd and alcohol and addiction issues. He was at one point homeless and living on the beach in Monterey, and believed he would die there. We met when he was a year sober in AA, married, and were together 12 years. We moved to Bend OR in 2006 when my 18 year old son was released from Waldenhouse recovery center in SF, to give him a chance to start over (he is 22 and 5 years sober now). When I lost Joe, I was lost. Because of my recovery, I was able to stay alive, but I was devistated. At one point i just didnt want to live. A friend loaned me The Shift. She was going through some profound changes, as was I and she thought it might be a help. She had no idea. We were married at the chapel at Tarpy's Roadhouse and had our lunch there after the wedding with our respective children. I had a family reunion at Asilomar Conference Center- and many picnics on the Asilomar Beach when I was a child. But what put me over the edge with the message was the scene filmed at El Estero lake. That bench that he sat on, my husband sat on many times when he was on the streets. He fell in that little lake in a drunken stupor and climbed onto the bank and passed out. when he came to the fog had rolled in and he had hypothermia and ended up in the hospital. When the homeless man pointed to the places he lived, he was pointing to places where Joe had sought shelter in the rain, or built homeless camps in the eucalyptus groves near the Naval Post Graduate school. I know that through this movie Joe was speaking to me from the other side, and encouraging me to pursue my dreams. through you, I was able to receive a message from him that changed my life profoundly. I must thank you for being the vehicle of that communication. - JP
I just watched THE SHIFT again for the second time and picked up on some more of the lessons from this great movie. I too am moving into the meaning part of my life and have experienced my own priorites shifting to more about purpose and spritual direction. A great movie for those of us who are open to the lessons. - MH
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. THAT was a superior motion picture. I streamed it FREE, and now I am on my way to buying several copies for friends and family and am considering looking into screening it locally (something I have never done before). What an important movie; what an important message for us all. I am eternally grateful to Wayne Dyer for his ongoing contribution to the betterment of man, and to the people whose collaborative effort transformed his thoughts, words, and beliefs into such an important piece of work, such an important message, for our time. God bless. Namaste. - JeffrieB.
This movie is simply amazing. I love the music and the messages are so very important for me at this time in my life. The scene in which Wayne spends the evening with the film crew is shot in the Stuck Up Inn (original "barracks" for the staff women of the YWCA) and is also the same building that my Dad got everyone together for a very special family reunion several years ago. My partner and I love Asilomar and visit there frequently. Our last time there we got the second story Lodge room that Chad and Denise "camped" in. I've watched the film numerous times and continue to see many small details that are interconnected throughout the film. Just a wonderful film that I will continue to watch for the rest of my life. I would love to meet the cast and Dr. Dyer just so that I might thank them in person for the very needed help I get every time I watch this movie. - DonnaS.
I LOVED it!!! So typical of Wayne Dyer!! Very serious subjects handled with a gentle humor and creative wit! I love you so much Wayne!!! I see you and well up with emotion. You've been with me and some of my friends for so many years now! I've seen you grow and become more in Love with the information God is helping you give to us! I love your style! Stay funny! Your positive, silly energy mixed with your message is what always picks me up! God Bless You!!!!!!!! and Hay House too!!! I'm sending it to everyone. You should add a link "email to a friend." - Mary KayM
Thank you so much for clarifying, the Shift. I love the strong connection I had throughout the whole movie. Just being in the moment! Make the shift! I loved it, please keep me posted on new films coming up. God bless you Wayne Dyer. - SuzanneB.
I am going through a shift right now in my life... this movie has opened my mind to recognize and embrace the change...Thank you Wayne Dyer - TracyM.
My wish is everyone could view the SHIFT! (especially, today's Corporate world) What a gift...truly brilliant wisdom shared. Once again, thank you Wayne for sharing tools for awakening the Human Spirit. - JoanmaryG.